by Amanda Brockinton

Over the summer in June, I took the opportunity to do an internship at the City Council. As a final year student in International Relations, I thought it would be best to get as much experience as I could before I moved on to my Masters. I chose to work with the Boultham Park Project because I thought it aligned most with my interests in the environmental field. I really enjoyed my time for a lot of reasons. The people I worked with were very friendly and welcoming, making it easy to adjust to the office scene which was very new to me. I was grateful to work with such helpful people that frequently and often aided me when I had questions or was not sure as to what I was doing. This made me comfortable and confident in the assignments I was asked to do, ranging from surveys about the park to research and reports on proposals for the Boultham Lake Project.

I gained a lot of experience from this internship. It introduced me to what it is like to work in an office and the type of work associated with a professional environment. We had to work with deadlines, outside entities, and the public. I sat in on important meetings for these projects in the council, contributed to some of them, and because there was such a range in what I was involved in I learned how to use and execute a lot of the skills I had acquired throughout my undergraduate degree to the workplace. Learning the dynamics of an office work space is something you can only do through experience and I feel like I got the most out of this internship. I would recommend it to students if they are interested in politics and working with the public to reach solutions and encourage involvement with their city. I feel more confident in what I what want to do, my abilities, and where I want to go because of this internship and I am really thankful for that.