An event, co-hosted by the School of Social and Political Sciences and the Students’ Union, was held on the evening of Thursday 7th May 2015. The event was hosted for staff and students to have a chance to all come together to watch the results live.

The night started with little enthusiasm, whether that was because people knew about the three-hour window from when the BBC started broadcasting at 10pm, to when the first results generally started to come in at 1am (the next day), I don’t know. Then, the tills started ringing, the beer pumps pouring, coffee being stirred and the sound of chatter in the air. There were people eventually; my face was filled with joy (even though this was around 10:30pm), people seemed enthused about politics, their country and ultimately the next five years of their lives.

10:55pm, the sound of glasses hitting the wooden tables, the fading sound of chatter, then silence as the BBC commentator announced that we were going over to Houghton and Sunderland South for the first result of the evening. The returning officer read out the result, Labour won a 55% majority. What can only be described as a plague of cheers spread across the Tower Bar, students’ ecstatic with the result, though there were a few grumbles amongst the audience. The proceeding results looked hopeful for the Labour Party, many discussing the exit polls and how they seemed to be correct (up to this point). Then, breaking news as the Nuneaton seat was announced at 1:50am (8th May 2015), the Conservatives held their position. This time, a plague of grumbles spread through the Tower Bar with a few cheers amongst the Conservative supporters, a reflection of what was to come.

Then, around 4:30am the Lincoln seat was announced. The Conservative Party had retained their seat! Thus sent shockwaves across the Tower Bar who believed that Labour would win Lincoln, even some Conservative voters believed that Labour would win this general election. Minutes later, the Tower Bar was pretty much empty as disappointed voters left to go home. Around 5am, the few who stuck out the night emptied their glasses, grabbed their coats and headed home.