• Mark Duggan and the 2011 riots

    Mark Duggan and the 2011 riots

    With the official inquest into Mark Duggan’s death taking place at the moment, it is worth remembering that what became popularly narrated as the ‘riots’ of August 2011 were sparked by this tragic, brutal episode where police officers shot dead a young, black father. The local community took to the streets afterwards to protest yet

  • Our Research

    Research is a core element of the work within the school. It contributes to knowledge, responds to problems, and feeds into and enhances teaching.

    The Policy Studies Research Centre (PSRC) acts as the research focus for the School, undertaking research at local, regional, national and international levels across a range of policy-relevant areas of social research. While the majority of members of the PSRC are from the School, others are drawn from cognate areas, such as the School of Health and Social Care.