• Passionate about their politics, not politicians

    Our Head of School Jacqui Briggs has written a piece for the Lincolnshire Echo about young people’s apparent disengagement from the political process: “If you use voting behaviour as an indicator then the youngest category of voters, the 18-24s, are the sector least likely to vote. At the last general election (2010), for example, only 44 per cent

  • Credit where it’s due – the advent of Universal Credit

    Steve McKay, Distinguished Professor of Social Research, blogs about Universal Credit, the Coalition’s controversial social security reform: “Universal Credit is a key element of the current reform of social security in the UK. It aims to unite three sets of payments: – the main benefits for non-working adults (of working age) such as Jobseeker’s Allowance

  • Striking women

    Striking women

    Sundari Anitha, Senior Lecturer in the School, writes about her research on South Asian women’s industrial militancy in the UK:“Professor Ruth Pearson  (University of Leeds)  and I have just completed a project which has produced a range of  outputs for schools and community groups based on our earlier research on South Asian women workers’ industrial militancy in the UK. The

  • Our Research

    Research is a core element of the work within the school. It contributes to knowledge, responds to problems, and feeds into and enhances teaching.

    The Policy Studies Research Centre (PSRC) acts as the research focus for the School, undertaking research at local, regional, national and international levels across a range of policy-relevant areas of social research. While the majority of members of the PSRC are from the School, others are drawn from cognate areas, such as the School of Health and Social Care.