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  • Tom Kistruck, class of 2008, shares his story

    Tom Kistruck, class of 2008, shares his story

    Firstly I want to make it clear that I’m not some kind of sage, I’m only 27 myself and I’m still finding my way. I decided to contribute to the alumni blog to offer a few practical tips and I’ll include some stuff on what it actually feels like to face a future outside of university. The

  • Maaike Veenkamp Meets Bill Clinton

    Maaike Veenkamp Meets Bill Clinton

    Off The Bench’s Maaike Veenkamp recently won the international Zeitgeist Young Minds award for her work with Lincoln youths as part of the community group. Her prize was an invite to Zeitgeist Europe 2012, which brings together inspirational figures from across the world. Maaike has provided The Lincolnite with a diary of her time at

  • Gina Clark, class of 2011

    After receiving a 2:1 degree in BA (HONS) Criminology and Social Policy I applied for an unpaid internship with Nottinghamshire Police in their Community Protection department as a Directorate Support Officer After working with them for two weeks I was given the opportunity to become a member of agency staff and be paid for the

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