• Student summer placement success

    In June, some of our students took part in a placement programme at Boultham Park Restoration Project organised with the City of Lincoln council. Here two of them, second year Bradley Taylor and third year (now alumnus), Chelsey Ramsbottom talk about their positive experience: Bradley: “As a student, the prospect of finding a job once I

  • Report on Criminology and Social Policy Alumni Evening March 2014

    By Jill Jameson Students from the School of Social and Political Sciences recently attended an Alumni evening which included five former students (pictured below) who had graduated between 2003 and 2011.           Left to right Suzanne Tomlinson (Senior Practitioner Phoenix Futures); Ian Smith (Head of Offender Training: Gelder Group); Maaike Veenkamp

  • Elise McDade (Criminology 2004) on G4S and student mentoring

    We have blogged before about the mentoring scheme we run at the School for level three Criminology students within the school. Here, Elise McDade (pictured below on the right), one of the mentors and a graduate of the School blogs about her post-university career and what it means to mentor current students: “I had my

  • @MaaikeCO_Lincs (Criminology 2010 alumn) now community organising

    I graduated from the University of Lincoln in 2010 with a degree in Criminology. Upon completion of my degree I decided to take a year out and venture across the world to teach English to children in China, through Student Guardian UK. This was a once in a lifetime experience which I truly relished. After

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