• Living and Working in China

    By: Adrian Smith I had long considered travelling to China, for work or for travel, and therefore, had plenty of time and many years to prepare. However, no amount of preparation could prepare oneself for the experience of life in a country of 1.3 billion people.The Chinese Statesman Deng Xiaoping once said “One must grope

  • Life after a studying International Relations at Lincoln

    Article By: David Royston-Jennings I graduated from the University of Lincoln in September 2013 with an Honours Degree in International Relations. At the time I was 10 weeks deep into a 12-week internship with my local Council’s legal team, doing research tasks for the sections Solicitors, taking notes at Court and providing various administrative assistance.

  • SSPS Staff Expertise: Still in Demand by Alums after Graduation

    On a lovely, sunny, Friday afternoon (27 May) Dr Yee Wah Foo, Senior Lecturer in Politics met with ex-student Myles Larrington on the terrace of the Palace of Westminster.  Many will remember Myles when he came to Lincoln last term and gave a very informative lecture to Politics and IR students about his job as

  • From Lincoln to Brussels: An Alumnus’ Journey

    From Lincoln to Brussels: An Alumnus’ Journey

    Davide Pinto-Castro reflects on his job-search experience and the importance of his studies (and that all-important seminar reading) in preparing him for the world of work. I graduated from the University of Lincoln in 2013, after reading for a degree in International Relations and Politics. Afterwards I, like many others, went back to spend some time with

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