• Placement at the City of Lincoln Council

    Byline: Matt Mosey
    My Experience at the City of Lincoln Council

    After becoming more immersed into my Social Policy degree over my second year of university, I was keen to get a feel for how Social Policy was co-ordinated in the real world. I thought it would also be useful to see if my academic knowledge of Social Policy could be used in a office environment. After seeing the ‘Summer Student Internship’ email pop up on my computer, I was keen to apply. Two interviews later, I received an email from a Principle Policy Officer at the City of Lincoln Council offering me a one month internship at the in the Corporate Policy Team – I was thrilled to say the least.

    After the initial introduction to the team, the building and the general organisation I settled into my own desk. Although the typical image of a student intern is to make tea, photo copy and occasionally have a go on an industrial sized shredder, my experience was far from this. I was given pieces of work which would be used by the team and not chucked into a folder in a dark office; never to be seen again. The tasks were sometimes challenging but always interesting and I felt comfortable asking for help within a team who were more than willing to help me with any queries. I found that the tasks they were setting me also were developing many skills which although I did have a taste for previously, I did not fully develop. Skills such as data analysis, formal report writing and topical research were all delved into. I have commented multiple times during my experience that ‘I never knew excel could do this much!’. I was also pleased that the data analysis and report writing was also linked to my policy interests and not something completely away from my field of university study.

    Aside from the varied and engaging work load I was given – all of which I found interesting – I also had opportunities to shadow other departments in the council. These includes: The Communications department, Neighbourhood Working Team and even had the rare, interesting and exciting opportunity to shadow the leader of the council; who allowed me to sit in on thought-provoking meetings and accompany him to his ward surgery. While at each department I got a feel for how they successfully deliver their service and how it impacts both the council and in many aspects the people of Lincoln. I was sure to ask as many questions as possible to get the most out of each experience – all of which I ensured I made clear I was very thankful for.

    Throughout my time at the COLC I have been made to feel extremely welcome and as part of the team. The experience would not have been as enjoyable without having a supportive, passionate and friendly team to work with. I would strongly urge other students to take on this opportunity in future years as it really does prepare you for life after university and allows you to utilise skills that will be extremely useful in the future – both for university studies and employment. This experience has been in-valuable to me and I will not be forgetting it any time soon.

    I would like to thank the COLC for offering me this terrific experience and for the University of Lincoln for coordinating it. If I have not made it clear enough to future students – apply for this placement! You will not regret it!

    Matt Mosey – 2nd Year Social Policy Student at the University of Lincoln.

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