• Russia 2017: Prospects for Transformative Political Change

    The American Academy of Arts and Sciences convened a group of leading specialists on Russia to examine, from multiple angles, the prospects for change in the type of regime that Vladimir Putin has constructed. This work was to result in a special issue of the American Academy flagship journal, Daedalus, in 2017 on the theme “Russia 2017: Prospects for Transformative Political Change.” The focus of this Daedalus issue is to draw critical attention to the situation in Russia today, to think beyond Putin, and to wonder whether transformative change is possible.

    The American Academy convened the authors’ conference at the Harvard University in June 2016 to discuss the authors’ essays for this forthcoming issue of Daedalus. The conference was combined with the 2040th Stated Meeting of the American Academy devoted to this special issue of Daedalus. Jonathan Fanton the President of the American Academy introduced the conference and the subsequent Stated Meeting of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Feldberg Professor of Government and Russian Studies and former Davis Center Director Timothy Colton of Harvard University and George Breslauer, Professor of the Graduate School and Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Emeritus at the University of California, Berkeley, edited the Daedalus volume and offered insights into the situation in Russia today and ideas for what the future may hold for Russians in a post-Putin era during the Academy meeting.

    Dr Elena Chebankova was part of the project and contributed a paper on Russia’s critical intelligentsia and the role of ideology in the potential transformation of the Russian political system. She presented her essay at the author’s conference and took part in the Stated Meeting of the Academy.

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