• “The Critique”: Lincoln grads foster critical voices online

    One of the key graduate attributes the School inculcates in its students is that of critical thinking. A group of students has taken this a step further, founding an online publication dedicated to critical cultural commentary. Here, Davide Pinto-Castro, a recent graduate of the School and one of the publication’s founding editors tells us about “The Critique” and extends an invitation to the School community to participate in its work.


    The Critique was founded in September 2013 when three University of Lincoln graduates got together to develop what we believe to be a 21st century media platform with a conscience.

    The Critique is an independent, social, cultural and political publication that focuses on bringing to light international cultural movements, ideas and individuals. In our website, we explore a range of issues plaguing our world and assess the dynamic between state and non-state actors in dealing with those. We do this by analysing how these issues are reported by the mainstream media and in turn provide decidedly more nuanced commentary.

    We focus on the socially relevant rather than the deliberately ambiguous. And as a cultural publication, we focus on ideas that challenge the status quo of many of the worlds’ cultures in an attempt to pave the way for a more equal, freer society. The Critique encapsulates this forward-thinking narrative and talks to the individuals responsible.

    The publication is managed by the three editors, who are based in London and Brussels. We are hoping to grow over the coming year and would be delighted to publish submissions from current students. If you are interested in getting involved, please check our website www.thecritique.co.uk or contact us on submissions@thecritique.co.uk.

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