• Dr Lisa White publishes new book on torture in Northern Ireland

    Lisa, a Senior Lecturer in Criminology in the School of Social and Political Sciences has recently published a book with Routledge titled “Transitional Justice and Legacies of State Violence. Talking about Torture in Northern Ireland”.

    Based on a synthesis of documentary material with the findings from a series of contemporary interviews, Lisa’s timely book uncovers the reasoning behind many Republican former detainees’ accounts of state violence and torture. It examines the aims of those who ‘went public’ during the conflict and discusses the meaning they attached to their stories and the various responses to them. It also identifies some of the risks involved in criticising the violence of the British State and illuminates the ways in which ‘truths’ are often contested in Northern Ireland – both during the conflict and in the years which have followed. A unique piece of interdisciplinary work, Lisa’s study disentangles and evaluates the discourses presented by former detainees and makes an innovative and interesting contribution to knowledge about transitional justice and legacies of state violence.

    The book is suitable for social science scholars interested in human rights, state violence, criminology and transitional justice, as well as those seeking to understand more about experiences of imprisonment and the legacy of the Northern Ireland conflict.

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