• Class of 2004 reunited! Where are they now…?

    class of 2004 by Alice Mates

    Ten years ago, on the 14th September, the class of 2004 from the    University of Lincoln graduated at the city’s cathedral.  A group of friends,  who’d met through the School of Social Sciences made a drunken pact, that, ten years later they would all meet up again, under the Cathedral in Lincoln.

    Inevitably in the months and years that followed, we moved into the ‘real  world’ of jobs and careers with everyone gradually working out what it  was they wanted to do in adult life.  Ten years is a long time and we have all faced highs and lows, loved and laughed and travelled near and far.  Some of our group are now married with children, live in different counties and even countries. However, despite our busy lives, we hadn’t forgotten our pact, and earlier this year, tentative plans were made and through Facebook the word spread.

    It is with great delight that I can tell you that on Saturday 13th September 2014 that same group of friends met up, fulfilling that pact that we’d made all those years ago. As a bunch of thirty something’s our accommodation for the weekend had upgraded from the Halls of Residence and, as we looked out over the Brayford from our hotel balcony we drank champagne and began our reminiscing.  At the group meal later on that evening we were joined by two of our lecturers, Hugh and Cath Bochel; it was lovely chatting with them and unlocking other memories that had been stored away.  We all spoke fondly of our three years at the university, the different staff and students  we had encountered, not to mention a drunken night or two, (or three, or four or….).  I am pleased to say that we are all in jobs that we enjoy and that positively challenge us, examples being a female firefighter, a teacher, a manager in local health care provision, an elections officer and a marketing co-ordinator.  Some of these jobs are completely different to the ones we aspired to when we were 21 and may not be directly related to the degree we studied, however, we all agreed that our chosen courses had given us a fantastic grounding with which to move forward, and, without the school of Social Sciences and University of Lincoln we would never have met one another and formed these friendships.

    All in all, a fantastic weekend, thanks to all involved and here’s to the next ten years!




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